Sport sciences and physical Education of WFK

After formation of WFK 2003 its head mans start their activity in various parts. One of the most important pillars of WFK is development of Kickboxing sport with on other sport sciences. In Fact sport sciences and physical Education has a special place in WFK and to serve as an international organization that promotes its results and findings in various field of sport sciences and their scientific applications in different cultural and educational field. The purposes of WFK is to give awareness to humans values that originally there are in physical activities of Kickboxing sport and to improve health and physical well-being and to develop the activities of physical education in all countries to professional level.
The first meeting of sport science group and physical education of WFK will be promoted in national Olympic committee of republic of Tajikistan in 22-26 of February stimulates with Asian championship this field the sport –medicine federation will cooperate this congress...


Physical Activity and Sports for Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction
By Detlef Dumon



World anti doping agency (WADA) that is familiar for everyone, covered the kickboxing sport after research and WFK high senior officials' attempt and effort. Accepting WADA rules and regulation


  "sport is a universal language that can bring people together, no matter what their origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status"
                             Kofi Annan  - Un Secretary General ...More

  International Council of Sport Sciences & Physical Education (ICSSPE) is one of the main associates of International Olympic Committee.

According to the invitation of Asian sports summit and expo from the Asian federation of kickboxing Mr. Mohammad Ghasem Manuochehri, the president of A.F.K was attended at this summit, which was held in Bangkok from 23 rd to 25th of September 2004...More



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